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Analisis Pengaruh Country of Origin terhadap Persepsi Kualitas Konsumen pada Produk Otomotif Roda Empat Tipe Sedan dan Jeep

Adi Zakaria Afiff dan Buyung Lukmanul Hakim

Country of origin plays an important role in consumer purchase decision. So important that the country of origin association is regarded as an important tool that can be leveraged by the marketer in building brand equity. In this research, the impact of country of origin association toward consumer perception on quality of outomotive vehicles in Indonesia, in relation to the sedan and jeep type of vehicle and the Germany and USA country of origin, is studied. Using a 2 x 2  factorial design experiment, manipulation is conducted by showing pictures of a sedan type or a jeep type of vehicle and by manipulating its country of origin (Germany and USA). Finding shows that the German country of origin in Indonesia has a strong effect on the sedan type of vehicle quality perception; while a less but still suprisingly strong effect on the jeep type of vehicle quality perception. The later caused USA automotive brands to have less advantage in the jeep type of vehicle than suspected before the experiment. This result may be due to confusion among Indonesian consumers on difference between the jeep type with MPV and SUV type, in which the Germany country of origin may have a stronger link toward both the MPV and SUV type of vehilce than toward jeep type of vehicle.

Keywords:country of origin, brand equity, automotive vehicles

Alternatif Pengukuran Return dan Manfaatnya

Budi Frensidy

The main objective of any investments is return. Investors, in general, expect the return on their investments to be positive, and high enough to compensate for the periodic inflation; or else, the investor’s total wealth will decline. When inflation is taken into account, we have the term real return. For one-year period with no addition or withdrawal of investment, there is only one single measure of return and the calculation is straight forward. However, there are more than one return measure for multiple periods especially when involving some addition or withdrawal. We can use time-weighted return (arithmetic or geometric) or money-weighted return (rough or accurate measure). When risk is considered, there is still another measure, called risk-adjusted return. Sharpe’s, Treynor’s, and Roy’s ratios can be used for this purpose. To identify a portfolio with abnormal return, Jensen introduced alpha measure. Alpha Jensen was then modified by Treynor - Mazuy and Henriksson – Merton to separate the stock selection capability from market timing capability of a fund manager. Overall, there are various return measures and they can be used for different purposes.:

Keywords:real and nominal return, time-weighted and money-weighted return, arithmetic and geometric return, risk-adjusted return, alpha
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Analisis Pengaruh Country of Origin terhadap Persepsi Kualitas Konsumen pada Produk Otomotif Roda Empat Tipe Sedan dan Jeep
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