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Sekilas Training

LM  collaborates with the clients in designing and conducting training to improve quality of pelatihan pt angkasa citra serasa.jpghuman resources. We have conducted management trainings for employee career development. The trainings, which include marketing research, marketing plan, operation, salesmanship, excellent customer services, visionary leadership, Financial Management for Non Financial Managers (FINON), Activity Based Costing, Economic Value Added (EVA) and strategic management, are given to various management level depending upon the client's needs.

Meanwhile, in response to the growing demand for pensiun fund management expertise in Indonesia, we ofter Pension Fund Training Program. The training, which serves as a preparation for future pension fund managers, covers several topics like actuary for pension fund, accounting for pension fund, investment management and information system for pension fund. We also provide comprehensive pension fund training program for firm management.


Most of the times, companies need to conduct certain activities to enhance their corporate image. Such activities are workshops and seminars. LM has an extensive experience in organizing national or international seminars and workshops to promote company's image.

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