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Address from Managing Director

toto pranoto_2 2010.JPGDR. Toto Pranoto : Prolonged economy crisis has given a worthy lesson to Indonesian businesses. Many companies were forced to close down their activities while many others can still exist even today. However, those companies cannot just sit and do nothing. Tightened domestic and global competitions require their hard work to survive. Lots of things have been done but need to be continued, such as adjusting business strategy, improving various management systems, developing markets, and increasing employee's competencies.

As the business unit under Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, the Institute of Management (Lembaga Management or LM) has played a vital role in enhancing firm's competitiveness. With experience of more than 40 years, LM works together with the management of the firm to solve a wide range of business problems instigated by the constant change in the environment. LM has helped firms, both private and state-owned, for instance, in studying the dynamics of the markets, aligning business strategy with market demands, developing organizational structure, redesigning human resources management systems, and training and mapping employees.

In conducting its business, LM is supported by full-time, high-quality staffs. Additionally, being part of the well-regarded university in Indonesia, LM has unlimited access to experts with various educational backgrounds resided in the University of Indonesia, particularly in the Faculty of Economics.

Partnership with University of Indonesia's alumni association, government institutions and international organizations provide LM with and entry point to obtain data and information that can be used to predict markets 5-10 years ahead; a prediction that may determine firm's future strategy and policies.

As well-known academic institution, LM consistently conforms its conducts to business ethics. Accordingly, LM is always objective and professional, maintains strict confidentially, and provides independent recommendations. LM also proposes the best solutions yet applicable and benefits the people at large. Working hand-in-hand with its clients, LM tries to come with solutions that are tailored to the unique conditions of the client because LM believes the client's success is its success.

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