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Staf Profile

TOTO P.jpg

Name : Dr. Toto Pranoto (Managing Director)
Competencies : Accounting System, Corporate Restructuring, SOP, Audit Implementation, Strategic Planning
Industry : Transportation, Mining, Banking, Capital Market, Pension Fund
E-mail :
tpranoto@lm.feui.org, totopranoto@yahoo.com

WILLEM.jpg Name : Dr. Willem A. Makaliwe (Associate Director of Operations and Quality Assurance)
Competencies : Strategic Planning, Macro-and-Monetary Economics, Industrial Analysis, Corporate Restructuring, Business Model
Industry : Banking, Insurance, Cement, Fertilizer, Transportation, Plantation
E-mail :
wmakaliwe@lm.feui.org, wmakaliwe@yahoo.com
NIKEN A.jpg Name : Niken Ardiyanti, Mpsi (Associate Director of Administration dan Finance)
Competencies : Coaching & Counselling, Leadership, Stress Management, Creative Thinking, Organization Structure and Behavior
Industry : Education Services, Seaport, Banking, Government Services, Property
E-mail :
nardiyanti@lm.feui.org, nardiyanti@yahoo.com

Name : Prof. Dr. Kresnohadi Arijoto
Competencies : Finance, Opemtion, Corporate Governance
Industry : Capital Market, Telecomunication, Cerments, Infrastructure
E-mail :

suroso.jpg Name : Prof. Dr. Suroso
Competencies : Finance, Moneter
Industry : Public Housing, Pensiun Fund, Banking
E-mail :
BUDI W. SUTJIPTO.jpg Name : Dr. Budi W. Sutjipto
Competencies : Change Management, Corporate Culture, Talent Management, Organization Structure and Behavior, Performance Management
Industry : Government Services, Energy, Cement, Fertilizer, Banking
E-mail : bsutjipto@hotmail.com

ruslan priyadi_web.jpg

Name : Dr. Ruslan Prijadi
Competencies : Opemtion, Strategi Management,
Industry : Property, Banking, Electricity
E-mail :
riani rachmawati.jpg Name : Dr. Riani Rachmawati
Competencies : Labour Economics, Industrial Relations & Personnel Management, Organizational Structure
Industry : Telecommunications, Cement, Social Insurance
E-mail :
heruwasto.jpg Name : Dr. I. Heruwasto
Competencies : Business Research, Relationship Marketing, Brand Equity, Industrial Analysis, Pricing Strategy
Industry : Electricity, Mining
E-mail :
Sari wahyuni.jpg Name : Dr. Sari Wahyuni
Competencies : Quality Development, Strategic Planning, Strategic Alliance, Qualitative Research
Industry : Cement, Pension Fund
E-mail :
sari@lm.feui.org sari.whyn@gmail.com
web BUDI WIBOWO.jpg Name : Dr. Buddi Wibowo
Competencies : Corporate Finance
Industry : Banking, Insurance, Capital Market
E-mail :
ANNEKE ARJANTI.jpg Name : Anneke Aryanti, PSi, MSi
Competencies : Human Resource Management, Coach & Counseling, Leadership, Organization Structure and Behavior, Conflict Management
Industry : Banking
E-mail :
BAYUADI WIBOWO.jpg Name : Bayuadi Wibowo, MT
Competencies : Market Research, Magement Information System, Decision Making Tools, Business Process
Industry : Energy, Industrial Estate
E-mail :
web CATUR PRASETYO..jpg Name : Catur Prasetyo, Msi.P
Competencies : Business Communication, Regional (City) Planning
Industry : Government Services, Capital Market
E-mail :
Esa web.jpg Name : Esther Sri Astuti, ME
Competencies : Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Fiscal Decentralization, Municipal Bond, Business Research
Industry : Electricity, Cement, Government Services
E-mail :
esa_sa@lm.feui.org esa_sa@yahoo.com
Fajar T.jpg Name : Fajar Trijatmiko, MM
Competencies : Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning, Business Mapping
Industry : Banking, Insurance, Property
E-mail :
FANDIS EKYAWAN.jpg Name : Fandis Ekyawan, MM
Competencies : Relationship Marketing, Strategic Planning, Manpower Planning, Business Research
Industry : Telecommunications, Government Services
E-mail :
FERDY S.NGGAO.jpg Name : Ferdy S. Nggao, MSi
Competencies : Business Administration, Business Research, Manpower Planning, Business Mapping
Industry : Government Services
E-mail :
hafie.JPG Name : Hafifah, MPsi
Competencies : Human Resource Management, Coach & Counseling
Industry : Banking
E-mail :
SLAMET WIBOWO.jpg Name : M. Slamet Wibowo, MBA
Competencies : Accounting System, Business Mapping, Job Analysis, Information System
Industry : Social Services, Insurance, Cement, Seaport
E-mail :
MIRANDA QAMARUZZAMAN.jpg Name : Miranda Qamaruzzaman, Psi, MSi
Competencies : Human Resource Management, Coach & Counseling, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Conflict Management, Change Management
Industry : Tourism, Banking
E-mail :
MONE STEPANUS.jpg Name : Mone Stepanus, MPsi, MSi (on leave, Maastricht Uni., Netherlands)
Competencies : Human Resource Management, Partnership, Methodology Design, Market Mapping
Industry : Government Services
E-mail :
Natasha.jpg Name : Natasha Anindita, MPsi
Competencies : Human Resource Management, Coach & Counseling
Industry : Banking
E-mail :
NIES SUTJAHJO.jpg Name : Nies S. Suleiman, MM
Competencies : Marketing, General Management
Industry : Hospital, Educational Services
E-mail :
nies@lm.feui.org, ns_suleiman@yahoo.com
R NUGROHO PURWANTORO.jpg Name : R. Nugroho Purwantoro, MM
Competencies : International Business, Corporate Restructuring, Financial Projection, Industrial Analysis, Benchmarking
Industry : Trading House, Seaport, Cement
E-mail :
Name : Ir. Rina Wurjandari, MSi
Competencies : Marketing, Business Research, Human Resource Development, Planning System
Industry : Electricity, Retail Business, Telecommunications
E-mail :
rini.jpg Name : Rini Yulius, M.Ak
Competencies : Accounting System, SOP & Business Development, Strategic Planning, Risk Management
Industry : Electricity, Mining, Transportation, Plantation
E-mail :
rini_yulius@lm.feui.org, y_ilinCompetencies000@yahoo.com
foto nita web kecil3.jpg Name : Ir. Rizqiah Insanita, MSi
Competencies : Operations Management, Manpower Planning, Business Plan, Problem Solving & Decision Making
Industry : Sosial Insurance, Financial Guarantee, Cement
E-mail :
insanita@lm.feui.org, rinsanita@yahoo.com
salim siagian web.jpg Name : Salim Siagian, MBA
Competencies : Auditing, Accounting System, Financial Management
Industry : Educational Services, SMEs
heru sudarisman web.jpg Name : Heru Sudarisman, MBA
Competencies :  Accounting System, Financial Management
Industry : Telkom, oil gas, Trading
sumiyarto web.jpg Name : Sumiyarto, MBA
Competencies :  SDM, Marketing, Human Resource Management
Industry : Telkom, oil gas, Trading
siti basrochah.jpg Name : Siti Basrochah, PSi, MSi
Competencies : Human Resource Management, Coaching & Counseling, Leadership, Conflict Management, Creative Thinking, Re-organization
Industry : Banking, Plantation
E-mail :
YULI SETIONO.jpg Name : Yuli Setiono, MSi
Competencies : Organization Structure and Behavior, Strategic Planning, Business Administration, Market Development, Implementing Agency
Industry : Agriculture, Credit Guarantee, Electricity
E-mail :
yuli@lm.feui.org, yulisetiono@yahoo.co.uk
BENIKO K.jpg Name : Beniko Kusumagiri, S.Sos
Competencies : Advertising Communication, Marketing
Industry : Social Insurance
E-mail :

Name : Akhmad Fajarullah Syahdin, SE
Competencies : Industrial Economic, Environmental Valuation, Market Research
Industry : Forestry, Human Resource Management
E-mail : syahdin@lm.feui.org, syahdin@gmail.com

foto bagus.jpg Name : Bagus Adi Luthfi, SE
Competencies : Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, organizational Design, Man Power Planning, Job Design & Evaluation, Training Need Analysis, HR Audit
Industry : Banking, Telecomunication, Transportation
E-mail : bagusadiluthfi@lm.feui.org, bagusadiluthfi@yahoo.com
Name : Lisa Fitriyani Akbar
Competencies : Strategic Planning, Corporate Finance,  Restructuring
Industry : : Oil and Gas, Banking, Insurance
E-mail : lisa.fya@lmfeui.com , lisa.fya@gmail.com






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