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The Institute of Management Faculty Economics of University Indonesia (LMFEUI) co-operation with YPB'66

The Institute of Management Faculty Economics of University Indonesia (LMFEUI) signed memorandum of agreement cooperation with Yayasan Persaudaraan Bangbayang '66 (YPB '66) which includes composing curriculum and supervising the quality of teaching methods for UniSadhuGuna Business School owned by YPB'66.

In this memorandum, LMFEUI will take part in quality control, and will be responsible in composing curriculum and study syllabus for UniSadhuGuna Business School which includes Bachelor Degree of developmental economics, Bachelor Degree of Management, and Diploma Degree of Marketing. Through this cooperation between LMFEUI and YPB'66, both side expect to create a high quality education in the business field, and be able to help Indonesian youths to become graduates who are ready to face challenges not only locally, but also globally. This is the basis upon which the vision and mission statements of both of these institutions are made.

As mentioned by DR. Budi W. Soetjipto, the Managing Director of LMFEUI "As an institution of management consultation, LMFEUI handle commitment by giving the best solution dealing with problems in Indonesia. One of the commitments is by giving an education process management evaluation in USG Business School".
Budi W Soetjipto continued, "Through this cooperation, we are also hoping that we can create business school that will have a competence graduate in dealing with the global world. This was also suit with LM's mission, to develop human resources that can integrate both of the knowledge and capability".
Meanwhile, Ir Abas Fatorachman as the Chairman of YPB '66 said, "Since 14 years ago, YPB '66 built Education Institution; an Education Institution that has shown their commitment in established the quantity of education through the national and international level. By signing the memorandum of agreement, we are hoping the quality of teaching methods in USG Business School will be develop and be able to have a world-class professional, just like our tagline - to become a world class professional".

To continue this memorandum of agreement, LMFEUI will compose curriculum and the syllabus of the study program. Besides compose the curriculum, LMFEUI will do the assessment on implementing the quality of methods curriculum and the syllabus of study program. Furthermore, this cooperation is also included on planning and developing the study program.

Abas Fatorachman continued, "USG Business School aims to prepare graduate to be able to fill in the gaps in the professional world, be it local or abroad. This, in turn, is expected to solve unemployment problems, which currently haunt graduates from Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi in Indonesia. The curriculum that had been implemented put more emphasize on knowledge and capability that can fulfill the highly-required job requirements both local and international".
Through this opportunity, YPB '66 were also introduced their newest campus of USG Business School which is located in Kampus Fatmawati, Wisma Subud, South Jakarta. 


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