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Financial Education for the Poor

Welcome to the breakthrough from financial education for the poor. The financial education for the poor taught by monetary institution that hold big major improving Indonesian's economic community that has to efficiently managed from the lowest level.

But then, what is the meaning of Financial Education? And how is that so important?
To answer these two questions, there are bad and good news about the poor and their financial condition.
The bad news is the poor are often lack of knowledge and experiences that are needed to become a good financial manager. The lack of human resource and the lack of option that they have often lead them to become desperate and lost their spirit of life.    
This is the aim of financial education. The financial education will give them knowledge about the concept of money and how to manage money wisely. It also offers the opportunity to learn more about the basic skill which is related with income, expense, saving and loan.  
The good news is when the community starts to understand and becoming a good decision moneymaker, they will be able to plan and understand the meaning. Moreover, when the community has understood about the knowledge of the monetary, the skill that they have will not disappear right away. The financial education will give them long-lasting benefit.   
The training program of the trainers for the financial education for the poor is cooperation between the Institution of Management Faculty Economics of University in Indonesia (LMFEUI) and Citigroup Foundation.



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